Burning Feet at Night

Burning feet at night


When anyone feels hot under the heels or soles of the feet at night, it is akin to walking on coals of fire. It is a very uncomfortable feeling. If it persists then thee is trouble. Burning feet at night can lead to serious problems like nerve damage in the long run. Even a mild affliction needs to be cared for to eliminate various other podiatric problems. It can occur in any age and to a person of any gender. But often diabetics get this feeling when the blood sugar levels are erratic. When this uncomfortable sensation occurs at night there are also other reasons for it to occur. The treatment calls for a special medical expert, called a podiatrist, a rheumatologist or a neurologist.


The tests


When a patient complains of burning feet at night often there are reasons for the pain to become more acute. The symptoms include tingling, mild discomfort in the toes, feet, even the calves and at times in the knees. When tests are conducted, it is often seen that there is a deficiency of Vitamins B, 12 and D. These issues are taken care of by a neurologist. If the issue is rectified the patient can resume normal sleep patterns. But, if the problem persists then a thyroid test is done to check for imbalances of Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Iron.


The pain worsens at night


The pain becomes acute at nighttime when the patient is lying down. It is like electricity is being passed in the legs. A patient needs to see the doctor if he/she is in a job that requires standing for long hours or being in continuous motion. A foot doctor is medically called a podiatrist. Simultaneously one would also need to see a neurologist and a rheumatologist. Burning feet at night is not a normal condition hence proper evaluation needs to be done. It needs to be diagnosed and treatment started immediately. Request the doctor about remedies for relief.


How to alleviate burning


Once the patient understands the attention to be paid, ask the doctor a few important questions:


  • If any changes should be done in life regarding diet, habits, wearing shoes etc.
  • What foods to eat that provide the vitamins and minerals to reduce the problem?
  • Even if the burning feet at night disappear for how long should one remain cautious?
  • Can the doctor recommend easy remedies like rubbing ice or getting an orthotic device?
  • Should the shoes be changed?


This will obviously give a clear idea to deal with the problem not only in the night but also during the day.


Remember, any treatment that a specialist gives is based on individual tests. No matter what friends and family recommend get a doctor to evaluate the condition. Burning feet at night varies from case to case. Understand why it pains at night and what remedies suit the individual by seeking immediate medical help. Proper tests and diagnosis is the best way to determine the reasons for burning feet..

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