Treatment for Burning Feet

Treatment for burning feet depends on damaged nerves

The most apparent changes that the specialist makes in treatment for burning feet is to change the footwear. But the internal diagnostic tests reveal much more changes in the way the patient will have to adopt to get rid of the problem. Yes there will also be a prescription in which additional medicines will be given to recue the pain. The doctor will still need to ascertain of the primary cause will be temporary or will have to be continued in the long run. If the problem is constant or chronic then how can the pain be managed will be a part of the treatment. Understanding the damaged nerves is vital to mete out the right prescription for the patient to lead a normal life.

Damaged nerves

The burning happens suddenly or escalates over a period of time. The body’s system keeps the nerves under control. When the immunity is diminished then it sends out signals like tingling, pins & needles being poked or hot and fiery. These symptoms mean the body is asking for external help. Treatment for burning feet needs priority when such symptoms occur. There are several causes due to which the feet may get immobile. The nerves get damaged due to extreme temperatures, exposure to toxic elements, chemicals and bad blood circulation. It may also be a precursor to the peripheral artery disease.

Numbness engulfs

The nerves may even become numb in some areas around one foot or both feet. If the burning is accompanied by numbness then the treatment for burning feet will differ. Depending on the severity the doctor can determine if this is a regular problem. If it is a foot injury, the burning may come as a sudden onset. But in cases of diabetes or Gullian Barre syndrome (auto-immune nerve disorder) the treatment will differ. The pain may engulf one side of the body. This will need immediate medical attention for cure. In some cases the person may also lose consciousness.

Discerning the cure

Once the severity of the condition is understood, patient needs to approach the right doctor. For example a diabetic will need to have balanced glucose levels to improve the condition or it may result in diabetic neuropathy. If a person has arthritis then there may be a need for surgery.  Whatever treatment for burning feet is required should be for long-term benefit. If a part of the body is painful, it is a signal to do a medical check. Time and a lot of care prove to be beneficial. While treatment is on, avoid all kinds of foot injuries.

Treatment of burning feet involves a blend of several courses recommended by the doctor. It will include lifestyle changes too. The cure depends on how seriously the patient takes the course. By understanding the issue the patient will become aware of the stinging pain and the possible solutions available. It will also assist in stopping the progression of the problem. Try home remedies along with what the doctor advices..

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